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Information Literacy Tutorial: Home

What is Information Literacy?

How do you find the information you need for papers, projects, speeches,  for work, and even for life?

Information Literacy can be thought of as a set of critical thinking skills that can be used in school, on the job, and throughout the lifespan.

It's a rational way of thinking that allows you to approach problem-solving in a logical way and cut through the information overload of the 21st century to find valid answers to your questions.


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Information Literacy Tutorial @ KCC

This set of lessons will ...

  • help you get started with academic research, and
  • help you to discover the wealth of resources available at the KCC Library

There are five modules in this tutorial.  Try to go through them all, at your own pace.  You can stop and come back later to complete the lessons, but try to go through all of the lessons in order.

  1. Services available at the KCC Library
  2. Preparing for research
  3. Doing the research
  4. Evaluating sources
  5. Citing your sources

When you've completed all of the lessons, try to take the quiz at the end.  The quiz is "open book" so use what you learn here to answer the questions on the quiz.

Ready to start?

Go to the first lesson:  Library Services