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Kaua'i Community College Library

Information Literacy Tutorial: Citing Your Sources

Why are citations important?

Citation Guides in the Library

How to cite

Citations follow certain style guidelines.  The important parts of the book or article need to be formatted in a certain way.  Watch the videos below to see the important parts.

The two most common types are MLA (Modern Language Association) and APA (American Psychological Association).  Your instructor will tell you which style to follow for your citations.  Watch the videos below for an introduction to citing your resources in MLA or APA.  Try to watch all the videos.  They're pretty short and after watching them, you'll have a good introduction to creating citations.  You'll be able to use this new skill in all of your future classes.  After you've watched the videos, read the paragraph below.

Did that seem really complicated and.... well... just "Yuck!"?  Don't worry!  The library databases will create citations for you when you find the articles that you end up using in your research project or paper.  We'll learn that in the next module below.  Also, there are these really neat tools on the internet that will create citations for you automatically.  We needed to watch the videos to get a little background on what citations are before we can use the automated tools.  Congratulations!!!  You are ready to use the automated tools now.

Using the database citation creators

Most of the library databases will create citations in various formats for each article or resource.  This is great!  Watch the video below for an introduction to the citation tool in EBSCO.  Look for the citation tools in each database.  They are really, really helpful.  One thing, though, the responsibility for the accuracy of the citation needs to be confirmed by you!


Citation Tools

There are many tools available that will create citations in your assigned format (MLA, APA, etc).  You supply them the bibliographic information (author, title, date of publication, etc) and they create the citation.

Try one of them before moving on to the next section.

For practice, try citing the e-book below (click the image to make it larger):