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Citing Your Sources: APA

APA Style is a standard for written communication that defines

  1. the organization and content of a paper, writing style and

  2. how to create citations of the works used to create your paper.


Organization and content

APA Style gives instructions on things like how the title page should be arranged, margins and page numbering.



Citations acknowledge how others contributed to your work.  They are also important to avoid claims of plagiarism.

In APA Style, each work used in a paper has two kinds of citations:

  1. an in-text citation

  • Learn how to create the two types of in-text citations (parenthetical & narrative)

  • Guidelines:

    • "Cite only works that you have read and ideas you have incorporated into your writing."

    • "Cite primary sources when possible and secondary sources sparingly."

    • "Provide documentation for all facts and figures that are not common knowledge." 

  1. a corresponding citation in a reference list at the end of the paper

Get more help with APA Style


Need more

This hour long video is a step by step guide to APA student papers.


Need help?


APA Publication Manual

 The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is the full reference for MLA style.  There is a copy at the KCC Library.