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Kaua'i Community College Library

Sociology: Find Films

An Introduction to Sociology Resources at KCC

Film Sources for Sociology

The major source for films available to KCC students is through our Films on Demand subscription. 

Other sources for film recommendations on the web:

Sociological Cinema

Developed by 3 Sociology graduate students at the University of Maryland to utilize video clips to enhance the teaching and learning of sociology, Sociological Cinema is searchable by keywords, length, and topic. 

Films on Demand

Over 10,000 educational videos are available through Films on Demand. There are 2464 film titles in the Sociology Collection.

Introducing Sociology (28 minutes)

This program is geared to students just starting out in sociology and sets out to make the subject more accessible by illustrating what's meant by a sociological problem, culture, socialization and identity. It looks at how societies not only shape how we behave but also how we see the world and takes apart the age old accusation that sociology is just ‘common sense.’