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English: Finding Credible Sources

Why You Need Library Databases for Academic Work

A database is a collection of data organized for quick search and retrieval by computers. Amazon, eBay, Academic Search Premier and the UH Voyager Catalog are all examples of databases, although they appear very different. This video, from Yavapai College, demonstrates the value of library databases.

Evaluating Web Sites

For more information on evaluating websites, check out this animation from Gulf State College.

Online Research Guide

Evaluate Your Sources

Evaluating every source you find for your assignment insures you use only accurate, current and relevant information in your work.

This is especially crucial when using results from web searches, such as Google. Anyone can put up a website or web page. 

Scholarly journal articles must go through a peer review process before being accepted for publication. Although books and magazine articles are reviewed by editors and publishers, they could be biased or inaccurate. Information on the Internet does not go through any review process at all - so proceed cautiously and apply the CRAAP Test rigorously!

What Is the CRAAP Test?

You've found books, articles, and websites. How do you know they are valid and fit your topic? Check out the CRAAP Test video from Western Libraries for an easy way to remember 5 evaluation criteria. Then use the CRAAP Test worksheet, from Juniata College, to score your sources and see if they make the grade!