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Kaua'i Community College Library

Library Research Tutorials and Guides

What are Libraries For?

One of the primary functions of a library is to be a place (whether in a physical location or online) where knowledge is collected, organized and made accessible to its users.

The Library on the Web

The Library website is the primary gateway to all of the Library's resources, including the catalog to find physical books, magazines, films and maps in the library, as well as links to electronic databases providing thousands of full-text articles, streaming films, images, and electronic books. 

Don't confuse the medium with the message. The Web is the delivery platform, not the content of the library pages you view. Most of the full-text text-resources are not freely available to everyone on the Web, but require a current affliation with the UH System. The UH Libraries pay for the subscriptions to these academic databases, which are part of the "deep web", just as they pay for books and magazine subscriptions on the library shelves.

What you find on library Web pages is:                 

  • Selected
  • Structured
  • Reviewed

What you find on the open web is:

  • Unedited
  • Unstructured
  • Not reviewed

What's a Database?

Over the past few years, the library's holdings have shifted to include a larger proportion of electronic resources than the print resources currently housed in the physical library on the Kauai CC campus. For example, we have online subscriptions to > 160,000 electronic books, 25,000 journal/magazines, 838 reference books and >20,000 streaming films. All of these electronic resources are located in databases, which require some easily learned navigation skills to obtain optimum results. Currently we subscribe to over 50 databases that can be accessed 24/7. 

What exactly are databases and why are academic databases essential tools to use in college? Check out another video from Vermont College to find out ...