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Faculty Senate Archive 2014-2016: 2014-2015 Issues

Meeting minutes and summaries of issues covered by the Faculty Senate from Fall 2014 - Spring 2016.

KCC Faculty Evaluations Reference Guidelines

Introduced: 1.17.2014

Current status: Faculty Senate approved version presented at April 25 College Council. [Lecturer version approved by majority vote at 5.9.2014 meeting.] Suggested revisions by CC were to be brought back to FS. VCAA presented new KCCP 4-13 "Faculty Evaluations" (which covers all faculty evaluations including lecturers, tenure and promotion and five year evaluations) to College Council for review on 8.26.14.  FS Executive Committee met to review document and made recommendations for changes to document to reflect FS version. VCAA revised document to incorporate most revisions 9.17.2014. Latest version to be taken back to Divisions for discussion, and comments will be sent to Chair by October 3, compiled and sent to VCAA. Faculty Senate comments from all Divisions delivered to VCAA on October 27. KCCP 4-13 which incorporated FS revisions was passed by the College Council on January 27, 2015 with the proviso that the policy should be amended after the proposed changes are incorporated in the UHCC system policy #9.203. The revised UHCCP policy was received by FS Chair on February 4, 2015.

Division Chair Selection Procedure

Introduced: March 14, 2014

Ad Hoc committee members: Victoria Mathis, Alan Boyes, Pat McGrath, Rick Randolph, Joyce Nakahara, Mark Anderson, Creighton Fujii, Anne McKenna

Current Status: Out of committee and revised draft (from FS May 9, 2014 meeting)  to be discussed in Division meetings for final approval. Feedback to be discussed at September 19, 2014 meeting. Passed all Divisions 9.19.14.

Proposed Closure of Low Enrolled Programs

Introduced: April 25, 2014

Work group members: Gordon, Creighton, Jon meeting August 25, 2014. Working to develop template that measures alternative types of success indicators . Autobody, Medical Assisting and Accounting will pilot in Fall 2015.

Student Academic Grievance Policy

Introduced:  April 25, 2014

Current Status: Committee of 4 Senators (Loni, Cherie, Gordon and Laura) reviewing policy draft and serve as academic grievance board as need arises. Will provide update at September 19 meeting.

Changes to Curriculum Committee Guidelines

Introduced and passed changes: February 28, 2014

Current status: Curriculum will make formal recommendations to FS on proposed changes as discussed following presentation by Curriculum C-Chair at August 22, 2014 meeting.

Division Chair Selection Procedure

Introduced: March 14, 2014

Ad Hoc committee members: Victoria Mathis, Alan Boyes, Pat McGrath, Rick Randolph, Joyce Nakahara, Mark Anderson, Creighton Fujii, Anne McKenna

Current Status:  Passed all Divisions 9.19.14.

The Division Chair Selection Procedure was passed at the September 23, 2014 meeting of the College Council, but the VCAA wanted this procedure (KCCP 4-8) and the existing policy on Division Chairs (KCCP 4-2) merged into 1 policy guideline. On October 24, the Faculty Senate recommended that the VCAA combine the 2 documents into 1 KCCP Policy Guidleline and bring to College Council for final approval.

Distance Learning Committee

The DL Committee was reorganized and placed under the Faculty Senate as a Standing Committee in Spring 2012. The Distance Coordinator and Chair of the DL Committee (same person for both at that time) worked with the interim Committee to develop the Charter. It was approved by the DL Committee on December 7, 2012 and went to the Faculty Senate for final approval. FS minutes from 2012-2013 are not posted on CampusDocs, so final approval from FS is not documented. The current Chair and the 2 Distance Coordinators attended the October 24, 2014 meeting to update the Senate on recent Committee actions on course and instructor approval. The current DL Chair/Coordinators will review the current membership, will review the charter, and will send future meeting minutes to the FS Secretary, Ann Kennedy, for posting on Campus Docs. The revised DL Charter was approved at the February 27, 2015 meeting.

Prior Learning Assessment Policy

The UHCCs are currently working on policies to implement UHCCP 5.302, to provide students opportunities to earn credit for prior learning through life experiences such as military, and/or work experience, training, professional certification, independent study, volunteer activities, and hobbies. Chair worked with past PLA Coordinator to write a recommendation to the Chancellor to appoint a new coordinator to implement the UHCC policy at KCC. Delivered to the Chancellor's office on 12.9.2014. Newly appointed PLA Coordinator and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs introduced the proposed KCC PLA policy guideline at the January 16, 2015 FS meeting. The VCAA revised the draft (based on recommendations from the FS 1.16.15 meeting) and it was sent to FS on 1.26.15. FS formed an ad hoc committee to review the policy and this revision was introduced at the February 27th meeting. It will be taken to the Divisions for review.

MOA - Delineated Responsibilities of the UH Faculty Senates, UH Administration & UHPA

A proposed Memorandum of Agreement to delineate areas of responsbilities between the UH Faculty Senates, UHPA, and the UH Administration was to be voted on in the ACCFSC November 21st meeting. (The memo was provided to the KCC FS at the October 24, 2014 meeting). UHPA sent their own version of a MOA to President Lassner on November 20, who then forwarded it to ACCFSC. The vote was delayed due to the unexepected appearance of the new document, just prior to the November meeting. A new MOA was drafted by John Morton and was reviewed and approved by the ACCFSC in January 2015. The MOA has been approved by all parties.

UH Quality of Faculty Worklife Survey - 2014

The survey results were introduced at the October 24th meeting. Discussion at the November 14th meeting centered on the reasons for low morale on campus. Follow-up: the Vice-Chair is working with the IR analyzing the raw data that was requested from the survey from the UH Office of the Executive Vice President
for Academic Affairs.

Proposed Bills at Hawaii State Legislature to Include Faculty Representation on BOR

UH System Policy Reviews

The UH Sustainability policy, EP 4.202,  was signed by President Lassner on February 26, 2015. The policy emphasizes 5 themes: 1) Operations; 2) Curriculum & Research; 3) Co-ordination, Planning and Governance; 4) Campus & Public Engagement; 5) Cultural & Community Connections.  Each University Chancellor and the VP for Community Colleges will develop and adopt its own sustainability policy and implementation plan by 2015. There shall be a Sustainability Curriculum Council which reports directlry to the VP for Academic Affairs and will include: Office of the President designees, Executive VP for Academic Affairs,  Faculty Senate designees from all UH campuses, Chairperson of the Sustainability Council, and campus sustainability professionals.